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* ATTENTION:  we make and sell leather goods, the M-Mates, SS buttons, caps, and some more, 
* which are all Luigi's 
Italian items (NOT Leica !), hand made by italians, in Roma, Italy *

and other cameras !

Made with UNUSUAL, RED, soft, 1st quality ecologically tanned leather, here a very special
HALF case for a Leica M6-MP, the built-in-grip model, with according deluxe strap.
The rear cutout can be also made for M7. Would cost Euro 210, OFFERED at Euro 180 !

ONE-OFF, a cute half case for Leica Digilux 2, and/or for Panasonic Lumix LC1,
with deluxe strap, both made in our best calf leather with the Forest Green finish.
Special price, Eur 190 for both (instead that Eur 205...), + Eur 13 worldwide Registered shipping !


Here a... Prototype FULL case for a Leica M fitted with a
Leicavit-M. The case has the built-in-grip facility, and the deluxe strap

It is virtually perfect, although it is a real PROTOTYPE !

 Offered at Eur 300, only, strap included.
A very special "Rally brown" FULL built-in-grip case, with TWO differently made
"noses" ! As you can easily notice, the left nose is VERY large, and long, that
allowing to fit the Leica M with lenses as long as the 90mm Summicron Asph.
The shorter and smaller nose allows the fitting of a Leica M with a 50mm
lens, without hood, if not collapsed or reversed. The (quite long, too) 35/1.4
Summilux Asph. may be fitted, too, but only without an hood on it.

Not two cases, then, but ONE case with TWO different noses !

When the nose is removed, of course the case become an HALF case, very compact !

ATTENTION: this case is not ready for shipping ! We made it upon a
request of a good customer, but we are willing to make it, if ordered
again, in about 14 making days. Full case, 2 noses, strap, Eur 480
Please, visit again this page ! I will add several "one-off" new cases !

***shipping options***
UPS gave me problems...
Fedex express shipping to EU and USA until 500 grams 23, Asian countries 6 more.
express shipping to EU and USA until 1000 grams 30, Asian countries 6 more.
A less expensive (but slower) registered air mail shipping available, 13 to 24
for light parcels, 25 to 35 for over 1000 to 2000 grams.

***packing & handling included***

A small item that represents one of the "secrets" of many professional photographers...
A new very special product MADE and offered by Leicatime !
Please, look attentively... I am introducing the NEW two "soft shutter releases"
buttons for Leica and other cameras, 16 mm diameter for your finger's comfort.
For Bessas I am making them smaller ! I know, several are offered around.
But, those two models are made in SOLID STAINLESS STEEL !
TWO models: "Concave" and "Convex" - 20 each, choose yours !
NOW, you'll find the Leicatime website address engraved on their bottom.

I suggest you to purchase it/them along with a case, avoiding to pay the shipping
cost for the soft release, alone ! I already placed one in EACH of my own cameras... :-)

Now, also... in Black Paint !
However, I can't guarantee the paint duration... (NOW quite strong !)

I thought to post a feedback of a kind buyer, about this item(s) !  :-)

Positive feedback rating   Wonderful service. Soft release is well made. You won't believe the difference!
  Buyer   malewitsch ( 40Feedback score is 10 to 49)

Finally, I am offering the SS MiniConvex for your RF Bessa cameras ! A few (nice) prototipes are available, ready, Eur 20 each