Dear Sirs, before to order, please shortly visit this my page : (click) Genuine Feedback
this page is posted just for detailed INFO. Too many options...
you'll want to place any order, please email directly to: ginevra

VERY IMPORTANT ! Please, please, please, do NOT send to us anonimous messages
In fact, very often I receive messages related to a transaction, asking some news, details,
shipping informations, that forces me to make a long, difficult research ! What I need, then ?
It's very simple: all sent messages (please) must contain your FULL name, the related items
description, and if the items has been pažd for, HOW and when it has been paid. All that will help
to better serve you, preventing me to make long, and often frustrating researches !-Thank you

ATTENTION: I reserve the right to improve my cases, as actually I am doing very often
Then, the recently made, IMPROVED cases may slightly differ from the pictured ones

Dear netsurfers, and visitors of my web pages, thank you for clicking on my "PURCHASE info"
page, that will show you how easily can be made a purchase from Luigi, from me.
In fact, I prefer(red) to avoid any automatic "shopping cart", because I warmly PREFER to
have an email contact with the possible buyers, BEFORE that an item is ordered, and paid for.
Here how to place an order, in a few easy steps:
BrownNatularRec+strap+M7ItalFlat.jpg (124863 byte) link to "my cases line"
- Click here for an email message to Ginevra, and write the item's name  in the "object" message field
- Describe clearly the item that you could be interested to, as well your full name and complete
shipping address, possibly with a phone #. Also, I need to know if you want a less costly but
slower Registered Air Mail shipping (8 to 15 delivery days), or if you'll prefer a FAST Fedex
shipping. If you want a case, or a strap, please describe the exact model, the camera that
you want fit in it, the possible strap, the possible optional accessories, the cutout that you
can  need.  Of course,  the colour finish  must be choosen, too. Black and cognac brown are
the two colour finish usually available, other
12+ finishes are mostly available upon request.
ATTENTION: ready items are usually sent within THREE days,
NOT ready items, and cases-straps to be made upon special order, need to
be made, and I need a calm time. Usually, 15 making days, but in certain moments
of busy job, for more sales, or slower production, I may need MORE TIME. NO hurry, please

- Also, please let me know if you want a fully insured shipping, or not. I will ship as you want,
but it must  be very clear that I am NOT  responsible for any  damaged, lost or stolen  items,
if the shipment was not fully insured ! For most items I have a MY particular insurance, that
helps to receive smoothly my parcels, without too many problems, and that allows a 2nd item.
- Once received your message, I will answer soon, usually in a few hours, emailing all necessary
details for an easy payment, and a detailed "bill". Most transactions can be made with two emails.
If you don't receive a my prompt response, please email again using a different your email address,
and better, a different mail server. Very probably your spam filter blocked my answer. A frustration
About payments:

I do NOT accept any credit cards, being in my opinion a too risky payment system for both sides,
sellers and buyers, surely MORE risky for buyers - But, you can use your credit card with PayPal,
that is a fast, easy, safe, and INSTANT payment system - I suggest you to subscribe with PayPal If you are a PayPal user, please ask my PayPal directions, explaining me if your
funds are sourcing from a credit card, OR by a PayPal or Bank account balance (preferred).
I will answer soon emailing you with a very clear info message, and the figured "bill".

If you are not a PayPal user, here my other accepted payment systems, in order of preference:
1. Wired bank transfer, that is fast and safe,either in US$ or Eur. I would email the necessary details.
2. Euro Cashier  check,+ Euro 5, sent my  private address by Registered Mail. ONLY cashier check.
3. Euro Bank or  Post  International  Money  Order,+ Euro 5, sent  to my  private address  by Registered  Mail.
4. Euro Traveler's checks,+ 4%, to be sent to my private address by Registered Mail.
My goal is to may make all kind buyers perfectly satisfied, and to have them as returning customers.
If you are in hurry to receive an item, any our items, with PayPal + Fedex you could have it in 2 days!

ABOUT SHIPMENTS: of course, I would prefer to ship by  DHL or UPS, couriers fast, and recently VERY reliable
But, them cost... Registered Air Mail service by Post is slower, needing from 10 to 20+ delivery days, and it is quite reliable.
It cost less, from Euro 10 to 25, depending on the weight, but it NEED all your patience ! The average delivery time is around
10/15 days, but is may need even one month, because some countries are SLOWER that Italy
If you NEED a delivery in a reasonably certain and SHORT time, the Fedex or DHL are a MUST
IF A PARCEL WILL BE LOST or STOLEN: EVEN IF NOT INSURED, I will gladly ship a 2nd, similar item,
with an extraordinary 30% discount. The 2nd shipping will be still at buyer's charge.
IF THE PARCEL WAS INSURED, (a my "special" insurance), I will ship, after a reasonable time, a 2nd, similar item, NOT a refund.
The 2nd shipping will be still at buyer's charge.

Here the page of Italian Post for such registered parcels:

Please, allow from 10 to 20+ delivery days. (Recently, often the necessary time can be more)
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, donít complain with PayPal or with eBay ! I want to warn you VERY clearly
that the Registered Air Mail Post shipping is S-L-O-W, and not (only) for the Italian Post -  If, after
30 days you didnít received the parcel, please email me, STILL BEFORE to issue a complaint. Thank you

Dear foreign (non-EU) customers, it became for me almost impossible to clear from our customs any returned items, if not spending DAYS of time for burocracy demands, and even more because, also if the returned item is evidently a MY item, "made in Italy" and a "Luigi" product, sold by us, we are requested to PAY some disappointing (and high) custom's fees ! Please, remember that when you are placing a your (appreciated) order !  Of course, I will increase even more the attention and the care that any sold items, and any parcel obviously deserves, but, again, I ask you to remember that a RETURN is really difficult, and/or unreasonably costly ! The worst problem is that I don't have absolutely the TIME to follow such burocratic matters, or I would be unable to make my WORK. As always, you may count on my integrity, and in an HONEST response to any possible problems... BUT, NO RETURNS, please... If in the future such problems will be solved, I will inform you... :-)
almost when clearly embossed: "Luigi Crescenzi - hand made in Italy" - I will let you know

A new very special product MADE and offered by Luigi
Please, look attentively... I am introducing the NEW two "soft shutter releases"
buttons for Leica and other cameras, 16 mm diameter for your finger's comfort.
For Bessas I am making them smaller - I know, several are offered around.
But, those two models are made in SOLID STAINLESS STEEL !

TWO models: "Concave" and "Convex" - Eur 20 each, choose yours

Why I show them in this (cases) page ? Because I suggest
you to order it/them along with a case, avoiding to pay the shipping cost
for the soft release, alone ! I already placed one of them in EACH of my cameras...

The softrelease screws into the remote shutter release mechanism inside the shutter button and provides a few advantages.

First, it physically raises the height of the shutter button, allowing you to use the joint or pad of your finger to fire the shutter rather than the tip. This results in a smoother action, more like squeezing a trigger than prodding a button, which reduces camera shake a little and is (to many people at least) more comfortable. Generally, the cable release socket also has a smoother action than the shutter button, so the softrelease turns it into something of a hair-trigger, which again helps reduce camera shake. The effect seems to vary a little camera-to-camera, but I find them essential items on my M6 and Canon P.

Most users experience a combined benefit of about a stop more usability in hand-held shooting: so if you find that you can normally manage sharp hand-held shots at only 1/30 a softie should allow you to go down to 1/15 and achieve the same results. Personally I find that, with the softie in place, I can manage decent shots of 1/4 second quite easily, and even 1/2 if I'm lucky (I must have steady hands).

The only downside is, as S. says, you do tend to end up with a few shots of the inside of your camera bag, unless you get into the habit of stashing the camera without winding on first. That said, film's cheap. (feedback from a friendly user...)

Now, also... Black Paint

However, I can't guarantee the paint duration... (NOW quite strong)

I thought to post a feedback of a kind buyer, about this item(s)

Finally, I am offering the SS MiniConvex for your RF Bessa cameras - A few (nice) prototipes are available, ready, Euro 20 each